Experience good and bad sides of mountains through Bagini Glacier Trek

Bagini Glacier Trek is basically a hike to the Chang Bang peak's base camp. It is, unfortunately, a
treasure being missed out by maximum trekkers. Also, many trekking companies or agencies
are not promoting it as widely as other Uttarakhand treks. With little moderate ascents, this trek
is a blissful ride to the mountains adjacent to Nanda Devi peak.

The thrilling Bagini Glacier adventure begins with a walk on a suspension bridge over
Dhauliganga. The trek route is quite unique in a way that the major camping sites are sparsely
populated high altitude villages. And the first camp is in the Ruing village. Famous for its scenic
views this village will only create more excitement.

Next village camping is in the very popular (in the Hindu mythology), the Dronagiri village. The
route to this village is a bit tricky due to landslide prone area and narrow walk over the
ridgeline. Houses made of rock and mud walls with wooden slopy ceilings are arranged on
mountains forming a beautiful picture. It is surprising that how the villagers survive at 11,000
feet, away from rest of the world. While Dronagiri has a big place in the Ramayana, it has a
bigger place in mountain observers for the clear views of Hathi and Ghora Parbats. September
to October is the best time for these picturesque views.

Another big attraction of Bagini trek is the bright moon rise behind the Dronagiri peak. Moving
forward on the Dronagiri ridge you will be accompanied by Bagini stream. Vibrant flowers now
become visible as you move towards the Langatoli meadow. It is the best place to rejuvenate
after a strenuous walk around boulders. You can see Hardeol and Trishuli peaks standing in
front of you, motivating you!

Just as you cross the lower base camp and you start for the upper base camp you will have an
encounter with the Bagini glacier. Big wide crevasses are visible and you can hear avalanches
on the adjoining mountains. The sound of avalanches and sights of crevasses present the
darker side of being in the mountains.

Hike up a little bit and you will find yourself surrounded by magnificent peaks, Hathi,
Ghori, Satminal, Dunagiri, Trishuli, Rishi, Kalanka, and of course the Changabang peak.
Standing there in between the ocean of greyish white snow-glazed mountains, you will forget
about its harshness and feel subdued.

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